PLEASE NOTE our JHB office is moving and still under construction. We are due to open end January. Please confirm on 083 401 7474 before visiting. Apologies for any inconvenience experienced. 

Welcome to the world of LUMEN 8 bespoke switchgear where we are passionate about creating light switches (and socket outlets) to compliment different architectural  styles. Whether our switchgear is subtly unobtrusive or bright and bold, the effect is always distinctively LUMEN 8.

We assist in selecting your tailor-made switchgear down to the finest detail by collaborating with architects, engineers and home owners etc. The OPTIONS page provides more insight into the bespoke possibilities and all orders are manufactured according to your specifications. We supply countrywide and internationally and are ready to help with your needs.

Ease into the possibilities by viewing the links below.   Picture galleries allow browsing per COVER PLATE range or LEVER TYPE option, whichever appeals more.


COVER PLATE galleries

LEVERS & SOCKETS galleries