Lumen8 uses sockets and levers commonly used in South Africa and Europe and cannot be held liable for any compliancy issues arising from their supply.

All products depicted may be subject to change or discontinuation.

Custom colours show are subject to availability.

DIMMING METHOD - Push versus Rotary

Dimming is usually performed by either turning a knob (much like a volume control) or by holding down a spring return (push) lever.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both but it is necessary to decide on which method is preferable before it is possible to finalise an order or quotation.


The document attached to the link below can assist in this decision.

LEVER TYPES - Understanding levers requires

In order to understand which levers are required for specific functions such as push dimming, please see link below.

GENERAL INFORMATION including wiring diagrams

Besides the information contained above, this link also provides wiring diagrams for indicator and seek lights.