RANGES are defined by cover plate shapes and method of manufacture. Finishes and levers may be similar across ranges.

Choose a RANGE gallery below to view.

Q-BIC range

Minimilist, Industrial, Modern and Eclectic interiors.

Precision engineering provides the inspiration for the Q-BIC range resulting in a no frills design with crisp, clean lines. The minimalistic industrial aesthetic can be further enhanced by using SCREW fixing and TOGGLE lever options.

Q-BIC cover plates consist of a laser cut metal plate above a spacer “frame”.
Different cover plate finishes are available while the frames come in gunmetal, black and white.



Art Deco, French Provence, Rustic and Hollywood Glam interiors.

Art Deco elegance and decadence, a period that embraced both handcraft and machine production, provides the inspiration for this range. The rounded edges and plush finish are achieved with extensive hand finishing resulting in each cover plate being slightly unique. 

ELEMENT cover plates are laser cut in a metal which is bent and welded before being grinded and sanded. These are very labour intensive to produce and made to last forever.


ICE range

Eclectic, Post Modern, Pop Art, Classical and Glam interiors

Our ICE range combines the playfulness of Pop Art with the elegance of modern design where the cover plates appear to be enveloped in ice cubes. Generally we are able to colour match to requirements..

ICE cover plates can be fun and striking or subtle and sophisticated. Either way they are noticed and, as with all our switchgear, uplift their interior.


RAW range

Minimilist, Retro, Scandanavian and Hamptons style interiors.

RAW cover plates are individually machined from solid materials such as Corian and Bamboo to provide a natural, solid look. A shadow line provides a floating appearance while the beveled edges echo shapes of cast concrete . Materials used for these cover plates enhance the theme of natural materials.


GHOST range

Glam, Minimilist and Eclectic interiors.

An industry-first switchgear system where the cover plate fits flush with the wall. By matching the cover plate with the wall finish it disappears, giving rise to the name “Ghost”.

A surface mounted version of GHOST also exists for existing wall boxes which cannot be changed. 

This range does require extra care in planning and installation. Builders and electricians must be made aware of the requirements for fitting this range during the planning stages.